Farah Farhat

Perhaps the best indicator of the tremendous growth in the area of forensic psychological assessment is the proliferation of books and periodicals devoted to psychology and law and to forensic clinical psychology more specifically. In 1980 only a few scientific journals primarily addressed psychology and law issues. Today a large number of journals are devoted to law–psychology issues (e.g., Law and Human Behavior, American Journal of Forensic Psychology, Behavioral Sciences and the Law, Criminal Justice and Behavior, Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice, Journal of Threat Assessment). In addition to these psychology- and law-focused journals, a number of other scientific periodicals are more interdisciplinary in nature and are clearly relevant to forensic clinical psychologists (e.g., Journal of Forensic Sciences, Journal of Psychiatry and Law, International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law, American Journal of Forensic Psychiatry). Also, an increasing number of books are devoted to forensic psychology and related concerns (Otto, 2002).

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